Evolution of a thought!

Thought process might be right in a wrong way! It all rest on on circumstances and their own perception of things. I even have this bizarre habit of letting others know of concealed knowledge in a weird and different way which might not lead to any inference or sometimes multiple suppositions. In recent past or reckoning that I haven’t produced/made any kids of my own, it is so tough to make other understand of your intents in life! Which I want to lead life in a different way. This also has its effects and certain feedback from society. I am writing this down to get more clarity in my own way than getting dumb advises from all of you who might or might not read this!
                Getting married itself was task that I had predicted myself in my dreams for a long young time. There had been thoughts of “otherwise” also. I am married for last 3.5 years, moreover I am pretty happily married and have the self-assurance of moving the same till end of my life. But having kids is big challenge for me. I haven’t seen myself taking that challenge and after 30+ years in life, I know only I must take that challenge and no one will ever help in it.  Somehow feels very complicated to myself of bringing a new life into this world. This “world!”, is something I don’t love it as much as I think I should. It doesn’t mean it is filled up with lot of negativity! But it is far more complicated than we think. Not the hope of giving up but the hope of enjoying it in a different way than others is the rare thought I get in my mind.
                There are thousands of ways to lead your life, not having kids should be one of those! I know as everyone says, “It is the hardest way!” to choose but it might not be, because it’s the path less taken. So, to find it out it should or shouldn’t be taken. It becomes simple that I have only two options for my own sweet life. I have undeniably no idea on how many people I must persuade to do this. But as it stands life needs its own support and clarity of thought to move ahead.
                Let me end this here, as thought process you know sometimes needs its own sweet time for evolution!

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