Need of ChAnGe

Enough of feeling Bored, Enough of getting along, Enough of taking things the way they come. Its the same old feelings with all the things that i had till date. I wann good change in myself I wann feel like King, I don't want any more Boss, I don't want anyone to tell me wat to do n wat not to do, I wann do the things my own way n let them know about change that we get. Let others learn from the mistake that i do or else let them do the same or different mistakes as i have done.. n then learn from them... let the world change n for it lemme be ready with a change.
In Short n sweet i am just planning for a bike ride with one of my best fren for long way will keep u all updated once i finish it..

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Jaya said...


Well said .. good thinking
i wish you be a king maker rather than being a king :)